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What We Do

happy family on the floorOur Mission

To Serve Any Woman in Crisis Pregnancy while offering her the option of placing her child in a loving, Christian home. We intend to support every birth parent by providing them with free counseling, maternity clothes, medical assistance, transportation to and from appointments, and other services designed to meet their needs.

To Reach Out to Adoptive Families who desire to open their heart and home to a child in need. We intend to support each family by providing adoption consultation, pre-placement services and post-placement follow-up.

To Assist Adoptees in achieving acceptance of their adoption and helping them embrace all aspects of the adoption experience by providing counseling services to examine feelings associated with adoption, evaluate potential reunion opportunities, and assist adoptees in sharing their unique experience with the people who love and support them.

Women in Crisis Pregnancy

We offer lots of choices to birth parents in crisis pregnancy. We will support you as you move through a decision making process. We respect the fact that this is a very sensitive time in your life, and you are doing your best to consider the best interest of your child out of love and compassion. Adoption decisions are extremely personal, so your interaction with GLAD is confidential.

Here are few ways we can help you:

  • You may participate in a free, confidential consultation with a qualified professional to learn about adoption and about the GLAD program.
  • You may choose the parents who will adopt your child and have the opportunity to meet and interview the parents chosen.
  • You may choose an adoption plan that will allow you to communicate openly with the adoptive family. We want you to design an adoption plan that best suits your particular needs even if you prefer a traditional, closed adoption in which there is no communication with the adoptive family.
  • You may receive free counseling from a licensed therapist. Take a deep breath! You don’t need to make decisions concerning the adoption of your child alone. We cannot make the decision for you, but we can provide a “judgement-free” zone where you can explore adoption or parenting. We want you to come to your own conclusion about what is best for you and your baby. We will address any questions you may have concerning the adoption process and provide qualified, Christian counseling throughout your decision making time. Our counseling services extend beyond the birth of the baby. So, you can continue your counseling at GLAD, free of charge, after the baby is born for as long as you need to come in. We want you to be able to make a good transition after delivery.
  • Your family can also receive support services at GLAD. Counseling services can be extended to your partner, your children, and your extended family so that they can learn about the process of adoption and have a safe place to express how they feel about adoption. This is just an option if needed.
  • Should you choose to move forward with adoption, GLAD will pay for you to have legal representation. You may choose your own attorney or we can provide a list of local attorneys who provide this service.
  • Our staff can help you connect with local community resources (Medicaid, WIC, food stamps, food pantry, financial support, Pre-Natal care, stop-smoking classes, etc.) to help you meet your current needs.
  • You are guaranteed that there is no obligation to you for coming in and meeting us. In fact, we will meet you wherever you feel comfortable. Many young women prefer to come to their first appointment with a parent or a trusted friend. If you would rather come alone, then we understand that too. We promise to do our best to offer you kindness and consideration.

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Adoptive Families

Adoption can be a long and difficult process. We do not want you to become discouraged! Our staff is here to help and encourage you along the way.

  • You may participate in a free, confidential consultation with a qualified professional to learn about adoption and about the GLAD program. We are happy to listen to your hopes about your adoption journey and help you discover the path that is best for your family.
  • Home Study Services are available to all adoptive families. Any Indiana family pursuing the adoption of a child must complete a home study approved by the State of Indiana. GLAD is a Licensed Child Placing Agency in Indiana and our home studies are completed by a Licensed Social Worker. A Home Study usually takes six (6) to eight (8) weeks to complete, if there are no delays in obtaining the necessary paperwork. You will need to complete the documents and turn in additional documentation during the course of the Home Study. We understand that this is a lot of paperwork! It is not probable that all the documentation will be completed by the initial visit, and we are here to help you get through it step by step. The Application, the Consent to Release, the Resident History and the Request for Child Protective Services History Check (IN CPS) are the most important documents as they will allow our office staff to begin necessary work on your Home Study.
  • Criminal Checks are required by the State of Indiana for each and every adoption. A court of law may choose waive the required home study when an adoptive family is pursuing the adoption of a relative child or step-child. In the event that a full home study has been waived, GLAD can prepared court approved criminal checks to help you proceed with adoption.
  • Adoption services include adopting an infant. You can apply for our domestic adoption program. GLAD will help you discover the type of adoption you are interested in pursuing and get you on the road to becoming a family.
  • Post Placement Services are available after a child has been placed in your home. Once you have had a child placed in your home for the purpose of adoption, the State of Indiana may require Post Placement Reports. A social worker makes an appointment to come to the home, and gets information about the child including their adjustment to the home, health status and development.
  • Counseling services are available to adoptive families as they move through their adoption journey. Sometimes families need support and education on how to communicate with their children throughout different stages of their life. At other times, adoptive families may want to consider a reunion between their child and the child’s biological parents. Our staff is here to help you navigate these decisions and provide the support that you need to make the best decision.
  • Post Adoption Support is available to birth parents and adoptive families when they choose to communicate with one another after the adoption occurs. Most of the time, adoptive families and birth families need a little help to get started with communication after the birth of the baby.


Adopted people need their own support at different times in their life as they process the significance of their adoption experience. We are here to help you any way that we can.

  • We are happy to provide information about the Indiana Adoption History Registry Program, which is a program facilitated by the State of Indiana that allows birth parents, adoptive parents, and adopted people register their adoption with the State Health Department. At age 21, and adopted person can access this registry if their birth parent has given permission for the adopted person to receive information. We can help you fill out the necessary forms to learn if there is any information available for you from the State of Indiana.
  • Counseling services are available to adopted people who need to process all or part of their adoption experience. Perhaps you might want to consider searching for a birth parent, or just try to learn more about the adoption community. We are here to help you any way that we can.

If you are interested in these services, please feel free to contact our office at your convenience. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into a vibrant community of people who have been touched by adoption.