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signs-of-pregnancy_test_bluelineThank you for taking time to check out this page. We designed this page with you in mind knowing that you might feel nervous or scared or just uncertain about your decision. Feel free to look through this information. If you have any additional questions, you can certainly give us a call or submit a question by clicking the Ask a question? tab below. Any question you ask is completely confidential!


About Us

We believe that adoption must be based upon honesty, openness, and the right of every child to a stable and loving family. GLAD began over 20 years ago with an idea to give birth parents control over their own adoption experience. GLAD is licensed by the State of Indiana and we have uniquely qualified professionals to help you decide if adoption could be right for you.

Our founder, Nancy VanHoose, chose the name of this agency as inspiration from John 15:13 where Jesus said this: “Greater Love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”  This is what we witness when we work with birth parents who choose adoption. We see love.  We see sacrifice. We see a good mom trying to make a loving decision that is best for her baby.  That’s why we are GLAD to be called Greater Love Adoption Decision.
You are welcome to make an appointment to meet us at our office, or we can make arrangements to meet you somewhere you will feel comfortable.  We look forward to helping you. Feel free to call, email, or send us a message on Facebook.



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Here’s how we can help you:

You have many choices as your proceed with your adoption decision, and here are just a few options.

• You can participate in our free counseling program with a licensed counselor.

• You can make your own decisions about your hospital stay.

• You can receive support services including transportation to the doctor, maternity clothes, help applying for government assistance, and support during labor and delivery.

• Medical bills can be paid by the adoptive family after the adoption occurs.

• You may qualify for maternity assistance for living expenses like utilities and rent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not sure about adoption?
That’s OK! We understand that you may need to learn about adoption before making a decision. We want to provide a judgement free zone for you to think about what is best for you and your baby.

Can I choose the adoptive family?

Yes! Adoptive families prepare portfolios for you to preview. You may view the portfolios here in our office, or take some home to look through. These books include pictures of the adoptive family and special events in their lives, autobiographies, self-evaluation questions, and a letter to you.  But, this is only the beginning!  You may choose to meet the family in person, and communicate with them during your pregnancy.  If that seems overwhelming, then you can decide that previewing a portfolio is enough.  Our job is to help you decide how to walk out your journey making the choices that you feel are best.

Can I communicate with the adoptive family after the adoption?

Yes, you can. Birth parents and adoptive parents choose to communicate in all different kinds of ways.

Does the adoptive family want to know about me?

Yes! Once you have decided to move forward with selecting an adoptive family, we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire that includes information about your health, your hobbies, your interests, and your physical description. Adoptive families are usually interested in knowing some information about you.  GLAD would never disclose your identifying information such as your full name, date of birth, address or phone number.  If you choose to share that information with the adoptive family, then you are welcome to share.

What if I want to choose a family that lives outside of Indiana?

No problem! GLAD is licensed in the State of Indiana, but we are permitted to work with adoptive families from all over the country.  Adoptive families who live out-of-state complete their paperwork and approval process in their home state and GLAD reviews it.  Sometimes women prefer for the adoptive family to live outside of Indiana because they don’t want to feel like they might bump into the family on any given day.  We understand that could be unnerving. Sometimes women prefer that adoptive families live a short distance away, or live right here in Evansville.  Whatever your preference, we will try our best to find the family that makes you feel the most comfortable.

What if I already found an adoptive family?

Great! You may still want to use some of the services at GLAD. We do work with birth parents and adoptive families who have already found each other, but now they need help getting through the legal process and meeting state requirements for adoption. You may be very happy with your choice of an adoptive family, but feel as though you could still benefit from some counseling with an adoption professional. We can help!  This may be the most difficult decision you ever make, so taking some time process the benefits and challenges will be very helpful.  Adoptive families are usually happy to pay for these services. If it seems uncomfortable for you to talk to them about using the services at GLAD, then we can certainly help with that conversation. You will not be asked to pay for any services you received at GLAD.

Do you need to know anything about the baby’s father?

If you have information and feel comfortable sharing, then yes.  The best way to proceed is for us to know what you know about the baby’s father. Let’s say that you might feel afraid or nervous to talk about the baby‘s father.  You are in no way obligated to disclose information about the baby’s father while you are just exploring the possibility of adoption.  There are circumstances in which Indiana law protects your right to decline sharing information about the baby’s father. Being as open and honest as you can helps us ensure that your adoption is legally sound, which protects you and your baby.

There are situations in which the birth father wants to participate in the adoption process and we welcome his participation. He may want to attend counseling sessions with you or help you choose the adoptive family.  GLAD will provide the baby’s father the opportunity to fill out the same questionnaire you receive to give information about health, hobbies, interests, and physical description.

If I am under age 18, do I need permission from my parents to do an adoption?

No. You do not need parental consent to move forward with an adoption. However, we encourage the young women that we serve to communicate openly with their families in regard to their decision.  Most young women are very nervous to tell their parents that they are pregnant or even considering adoption, but we hear many of them say what a relief it was for their families to know what is going on. If you want help in talking to your parents, then we will help you the best that we can.

Will my child be able to get information about me?

Yes, if you are willing to give permission for your child to receive information about you.  The adoptive family will have a summary of basic information, which you provided on your questionnaire.  If you do not want the adoptive family to know your identity, including your first name, then we can provide health information in a way that protects your confidentiality.  Your privacy is important to us, and we want the adopted child to have adequate health information for the future.  Additionally, we can help you register your adoption with the Indiana Adoption Registry program, which allows adoptees to receive information about the birthparents upon reaching age 21.  You can choose to register your adoption, or you can choose to close your file permanently allowing no information to be accessed.

Will I have to go to Court?

No. You will not have to attend a court hearing.

When do I sign legal papers?

Birthmothers sign legal papers after the baby is born.  We work very hard to be sensitive about your time after the baby is born.  Normally, women sign their legal documents 24-48 hours after the baby is born depending on the type of delivery and various other circumstances.  GLAD will provide an attorney to represent you at the time you sign your legal documents.

Can you help me find a doctor?

Yes!  There are many kind, compassionate physicians in our area who are sensitive to adoption.  We can recommend a doctor to you and help you get started on your prenatal care no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy.  We can provide transportation to and from your medical appointments.  If you do not have a support person to attend appointments with your or be with you during labor, we can do that too!

Can I see the baby while I‘m in the hospital?

Absolutely, yes.  You have many choices when it comes to your birth plan and hospital stay.  We would like to help you plan your hospital stay and develop a birth plan.  This means thinking about the amount of contact you may want to have with the baby, who will be there to support you, and if you would like for the adoptive parents to be present at the hospital.  We will help you design a plan that is best for you and fits the hospital policy.

Can I name the baby?

Yes.  You can name the baby, and the name you choose will be placed on the baby’s original birth certificate.  The adoptive couple may also choose a name for the baby, and this will be the name used on the permanent birth certificate once the adoption becomes final.  After the adoption occurs, the original birth certificate is sealed and the permanent birth certificate is used. Naming the baby can be a very important process for a birth parent, and we understand that.  There are circumstances in which adoptive parents may consider to use part of the name you have chosen. Adoptive families have often been dreaming of becoming parents for quite some time, so they may have name that they want to use.  We can help you have that conversation with the adoptive family.

What happens if I have medical bills?

The adoptive parents are responsible for all medical expenses associated with prenatal care, delivery, hospital stay, and care for the infant.  If you have insurance, then the adoptive family will be responsible for any bills that remain after insurance is applied. If you do not have insurance, we can help you learn if you qualify for medical coverage.

Can I get help with my regular bills?

Yes.  You may be able to receive maternity assistance that will help you pay for some living needs like rent, gas, electric, food, and clothing.  We understand that there may be times during your pregnancy and after your pregnancy that you will be unemployed or unable to receive compensation for maternity leave.

Can I give a gift to the baby and/or adoptive family before I leave the hospital?

Yes, and this is optional. You may give a gift, a card, a letter or leave a special memento. Adoptive families love to have photos of birthparents. Some birthparents share unique gifts for the baby like a special blanket, stuffed animal, or a small photo albums that includes pictures of the birth parents when they were children. You can be as creative as you want to be. Birth parents can choose to write a letter to the adoptive family or to the baby.  Letter writing can be a good way to express your feelings about adoption, and explain why you chose adoption for your child.  Some birth moms feel good about giving a letter that says, “I love you.  This is optional! You do not have to give a gift or write a letter if that doesn’t fit your plan. It can be emotionally hard to select gifts and write letters, and we are sensitive to those feelings. Again, this is a personal choice that may fit with your plan, or it may not fit with you plan. Adoption is a very intimate experience for each woman, and we will help you think through these personal decisions.  There is no right or wrong way to move forward in this area.

About Our Adoptive Families

All of our waiting families have completed a thorough home study validating their ability to be stable, loving parents.  This clearance includes multiple criminal checks and child abuse screenings. Our adoptive families have shared their lives, their hopes and dreams for a child in their portfolios.  Generally, adoptive families are here because of infertility and adoption is the way they hope to grow into a family.

A Note For You

I was young, pregnant, and scared. Stuck in a horrible relationship that I had been trying to get out of.  I was so depressed and had no clue what to do until my mom contacted GLAD.  Let’s just say the minute I talked to them, things got so much easier.  They were there every step of the way with me. My sad started to go away. My words started to lighten back up.  I got to pick from so many parents.  Finally, I found the perfect ones! Nine months passed and it’s time for my beautiful little boy to enter this big world; and, of course, GLAD was right there by my side.  The parents I picked got the call and raced to be with me at the hospital. When they walked in, their faces were priceless and words could not explain how happy they both were. She told me how long she waited for this moment, and how this was the best early Christmas present that she could ever have.  Their family was finally complete.  GLAD made this happen.  It went from being the saddest thing I had to do to the best memory I will ever have.  It was such an amazing thing.  I’m so thankful I contacted GLAD.  Still to this day, I always know they are a call away. Thank you for reading.

~ Jessica, age 21

Adoption for me was a choice to love, a love bigger than can be imagined.  When I first thought about adoption, I thought I could never do that.  Now we both are changed forever because I chose to love my baby more than myself.  Choosing love allowed him to grow up in a life that I couldn’t provide for him as a young, single mom.  Now, we have both grown up.  He continues to be part of my life and the life of my family. 

~ Daisy, age 37

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